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This is the official Wiki for the UEEF-USN/USMC Black Sheep Squadron. In it you will find information on the characters, the vessels involved, the planets visited, and the battles fought. Please remember that this is a work in constant flux, and updated as often as is possible.

It says that the game system is the Palladium Books Rifts RPG, and I may borrow things from Rifts to make the game interesting from time to time. However that is only because they have no listing for either the Robotech, or the Macross books.

Where ever I make use of anothers material (Which will be quite a bit), I will do my best to provide a link to the site or site the Publisher, book, and page I gained the information from. Please remember that I assume no authority over the copyrights of these materials and, am thank full to the rights holders for there allowance in my use of their material.

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